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Invoice approval

Invoice approval

Efficient Invoice approval according to your settings - Whether on desktop or smartphone.

Invoice approvals in the shortest possible time

Prepare approval

Invoice approval - split invoicesInvoice Approval
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Prepare approval

During invoice checking you can set the cost center. With splits, one or more cost centers, tax amounts or cost objects can be assigned to an invoice.

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Invoice approval

After releasers receive a message, invoices can be released or rejected by pressing a button. This is also possible on mobile devices.

Invoice approval

Invoice approval mobileInvoice approval mobile

Full control during release

Invoice approval flowInvoice approval full control
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Full control during release

You are in full control during the release and can correct invoices again, contact the releasers or skip the release.

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We need only a few data for your account creation. After entering the data you will receive an activation email with which you can safely create your account.

Individual e-mail for your invoices

After logging in, you will receive an individual email to which you can send all invoices as attachments.

Assignment of roles

Set up cost centers, approvers and all other roles with our intuitive interface based on your needs. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure that releasers are releasing your invoices?

Releasers will receive an email notification as soon as you can release an invoice. The admin has the possibility to write a message to the approvers at any time or skip the approval if necessary. 

What criteria are used to approve invoices?

You define cost centers and cost center managers. Optionally, it is possible to define a two-stage approval process, so that a defined second approver per cost center must always approve the invoice before the invoice is completely approved. 

What happens to rejected invoices?

If invoices are rejected, the person responsible for invoice processing is given the task of reviewing the invoice again so that appropriate adjustments can then be made.

What are splits needed for?

Splits allow you to divide the invoice into different items based on different criteria. This is the case, for example, if the invoices are to be split to several cost centers or if there are different tax rates. 

I do not have cost centers nor do I need invoice splits. Is Finui too complicated for me?

No, all settings are optional and Finui is also useful for smaller invoice volumes, as the setup is very simple and there are no fixed costs. However, Finui will also meet more complex requirements, so it will easily adapt to your needs.

What happens when invoices don't need to go through the approval process?

The admin simply has the option to skip approvals. This is noted in the history and can be viewed transparently.

What happens if there were errors in the audit?

Invoices can be withdrawn from release at any time to make adjustments.